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Social media has become more and more popular, and it is important to create posts that can generate leads. You can no longer just make a post; it needs to stand out from everyone else. Continue reading to learn how realtors can use social media to generate leads in today’s competitive market. 

Include an Image with Your Post

There are so many posts and ads on social media, that you need to find a way to catch someone’s eye as they are scrolling through. An image can do the trick. Including an image also makes your post larger in the feed, so it is more likely to get clicks and other engagement. No matter what you are posting, be sure to include an image. 

Plan the Timing of Your Posts

In the past, people got more engagements and traffic by posting frequently. However, social media networks are now looking at how much engagement you get on your posts. You need to look at when and what you post to try to get as much engagement as possible. You get better engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn when you post every other day, while you can post more frequently on Twitter. Monitor your posts to see when people engage with you the most. 

Create Great Content

If you want engagement on your posts, you need to create great content that gives people information that they need. You can offer expert insights, how-to posts, and more. Let people know details about the real estate market so that they are getting useful content. This gets engagement and it builds up trust, which will help you gain leads. 

Place Your Link Strategically

When you make your posts on social media, you can choose where you place your links. You should put one at the beginning of the posts because you will get the most click-throughs this way. Studies show that the most clicks come for links that are between 15% and 25% through the post. You should include an introduction, but then include your link before you get into the meat of your content.