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The real estate industry is heavily saturated in nearly all corners of the world. So it can be challenging for new market entrants to crack the space and stand out. Crafting a unique marketing plan is step one towards building a sustainable business. A marketing plan should look at emerging trends in the real estate industry and how customers’ choices are getting influenced in a world full of information passing across social media. Traditional marketing strategies just won’t cut in a cluttered space.

Visual representation

Firstly, you have to consider hiring a good photographer or acquiring the skills. Customers are visually appealed to before they can commit to the purchase of a product. A real estate photographer is a professional who has specialized in taking shots in-house and exteriorly. You can have the team follow you as you scope houses to have perfect shots of unique features and the general house overview.


Now that you have grade A pictures, you need to build a place where customers can view, click and experience firsthand how visually appealing a unit is. A quality website will contain listings to other houses and give clients a variety to choose from and different price ranges available. The contact information should be easy to grab, and a link to blogs and social media pages can help.

Shareable content

Your client may be in the network of people who share your posts and pictures. Real estate marketing can make it easier for others to share and sell for you. Including a share button on your social media posts, blogs, and website pictures is the first step to getting yourself noticed by people beyond your circle.

Business card and fliers

Promotional material bridges the gap between offline and online. Having a business card at an event will provide an avenue for potential customers to check out your links for houses you sell. Passing out your contact cards to as many potential people increases your chances of been found by those ready to view and commit.

Make videos

Pictures provide a static look and feel. Videos close the deal. By the time a customer is watching your videos, something in the images caught their eye. A video representation of the property you are selling provides you with an opportunity to sell before the actual meeting.