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Selling a home does not always happen as smoothly as people would like. The process can involve multiple showings and open houses as well as lengthy negotiations with prospective buyers. Homeowners that want a fast way out without the invasion of their privacy can look to companies that offer cash for homes. Zillow, the business best known for its extensive compilation of real estate listings, also performs home buying services. Here is how to decide if Zillow Offers is the right option for you.

Speed of Service

Zillow’s process can help homeowners that want out as quickly as possible. The real estate market has done well in many areas of the country recently, but it may not always meet the needs of everyone. Recent numbers from the National Association of Realtors showed homes selling in about 20 days after a listing. Some may sell faster or slower, based on the local desirability and number of homes available. The times also do not include the additional weeks spent on paperwork and waiting for a closing date.

Price of Sale

The selling price matters to every owner. Homeowners want as large an offer as possible because it enables them to pay off existing loans and buy something else easier if desired. Zillow offers fair market values for homes, but it does not always mean the company will pay the most. In busy markets where buyers compete for a limited number of homes, homeowners can sometimes benefit from a bidding war.

Zillow Offers includes free buying quotes with no obligation to the seller. Homeowners can request an offer and decide if it is the number they need. If so, the process can begin immediately. If not, the homeowner is free to wait and try later, list their home, or choose to stay – whatever they prefer.

Location of Home

Zillow Offers currently only buys houses in 25 cities. Every home must meet the requirements of the company as well. Fixer-uppers, for example, are not accepted or will need repairs completed before they make an offer. Zillow does allow people to sign up for their service if they are out of the area, and the company will contact them when they begin buying in that location.

Zillow is the perfect solution for some and an unfavorable choice for others. Anyone living in the area where the company operates should consider requesting a quote. Even those who have not previously considered selling may want a price to see if it is the right time to sell.