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When renovating a home, many people are adopting smart devices to make things more connected than ever before. These new devices save homeowners time and money and help them keep their families safer.


A dual outlet smart plug like the ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 helps homeowners run appliances more efficiently. The outlet is controlled using its app for iPhones or Androids. The outlet can be voice-controlled using Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. The best part about this outlet is that it has the ability to monitor the amount of energy being consumed by the devices plugged into it.


While this product is great for indoors, there is a similar one that can be used outdoors. The D-Link mydlink Outdoor WiFi Smart Plug DSP-W320 has a USB port for charging devices, and two outlets. It can be used to control pool pumps, decorative lights, and other similar outdoor items. The plug can be used with either Google Assistant or Alexa.


Other smart devices are used to keep peoples’ homes safe. This includes the SimCam 1S. The SimCam is a motion detector but also has face recognition software built into it. The camera can sense if something within its sight is a car, pet, or person. Users can set it up so they get an alert on their device when something or someone is detected near their home. The camera records video triggered by any sense of motion. One popular safety camera for the outside is the Wyze Cam Outdoors. Users can control it from anywhere, simply by using Google voice commands or Alexa.


These aren’t the only ways to keep one’s home secure. The SimpliSafe Home Security System is another option. Users can monitor their homes even when they aren’t in them. The system is sophisticated enough to detect if a flood or fire occurs while no one is home.


The Furbo Dog Camera is a must-have for pet owners, especially those who may travel extensively. Users can see videos of their dog, even in a room with no lights on. The camera can even alert users if their dogs are barking, and the two-way video audio system lets owners and their pets see each other at any time.