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The Final Walkthrough is a final inspection for home buyers. Its purpose is to let you verify that all agreed-to repairs have been made and everything is in the same condition as when you first saw the house. You should conduct a Final Walkthrough the day of the closing, a few hours before the real estate transaction is officially completed.

Who Attends A Final Walkthrough?

First-time buyers may want to ask an agent or mentor they trust to come along. However, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to see that all agreed-upon repairs are made before closing.

Final Walkthrough: A Checklist Of What To Look For

A final walkthrough can happen before or after the sale. Here is a checklist of what to look for ;

Framing And Foundation

Check the foundation, floors, walls, and siding. Identify any dry-rot, buckling, or holes in the floor. Look for cracks in the concrete or bricks of the foundation.

Inspection Repairs

It is designed to help the buyer remember the key issues that should be inspected and, when necessary, repaired before they move into their new home.

Interior Doors Alignment And Operation

Do not skip interior doors. Be sure to open and close every door and check to see if the doors align properly. This is especially important for sliding closet doors, which can jam or catch under certain conditions.

Electrical Service And Panels

Check for the electrical service panel. If it is old, ask about the cost of replacing it.

Locks And Windows

Do the doors and windows lock as expected, and are all the key and remote controls available?


Always check appliances for proper function and safety.


Look for dripping faucets, clogged drains, and toilets flushing correctly.

What To Do If You Find Issues During The Final Walkthrough

The final walkthrough is an opportunity to determine whether the seller has fulfilled all their selling obligations. If found any issues, it is vital to ask the seller to fix them before closing.


The final walkthrough is an exciting time for a buyer, and it’s crucial to thoroughly keep track of all the details that are dealt with during this process.